Happy Sweaty Life // San Francisco Commercial Fitness Photography

Happy Sweaty Life. Yes, please.

These two fitness gurus are launching their company in Sonoma County this Spring. We had an absolute blast running around Oakland, capturing photographs that encapsulate their brand and their intentions with this business. These women offer the knowledge, wisdom and tools to not only achieve physical fitness, but well-being, balance, nutrition and self-care.

Their mission?

“Happy Sweaty Life is about accomplishing happiness through sweat as a lifestyle. In our own personal lives and what we witness in clients, health is everything. True happiness is only present when one’s body feels good and they feel good in their skin. Fitness, nutrition and mental well being is the answer. 

We couldn’t be more passionate about what we do. Our jobs as personal trainers is so fulfilling. The downside is that there are only so many hours in the week, which means we can only work with so many clients. With our Happy Sweaty Life brand we want to build many layers of client engagement, reach more people, and build a community. We will always do one on one training, but also will be rolling out program design for various pathways, nutrition support and guidance, group fitness and retreats. Most importantly we want to encourage and empower others in their own health journey. We are blessed to have social media and technology at our finger tips. Sometimes one positive post can change someone’s entire day! And then it’s simply a ripple effect of good in this world. That’s why we are excited to expand and see where the demand is and what our roll will be in this health movement. We have our “plan” but we will keep our senses open to where we will take this, while still striving to be our happiest, healthiest, best selves. 

Allyson and I truly love each other, and feel better together then apart. We encourage and support each other in a beautiful authentic relationship, and want to spread that love. The work we are doing is already worth it, but to see the growth and influence reach beyond our community will be a dream come true.”