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Brides aren’t the only ones in the spotlight on wedding day.  Grooms have just as much exposure to the camera which means they need to look JUST as good!  Just like the ladies, for best results, guys need to start a regime months in advance. There are many guy-friendly products on the market to help a groom achieve the perfect wedding day look!  Feeling good on the inside and outside is sure to shine through in the million photos that will be taken on the wedding day! While it’s been said that all men have to do the day of the wedding is put pants on and show up, the following products are proof that a groom who preps will be in for a happily ever after!

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Anti-Aging Serum

Wedding photographers tend to get up close and person in order to capture couple’s most intimate wedding day moments and the last thing you want is for your laugh lines to be center stage!  Your groom can use serums that are designed specifically for men based on their skin type and what areas they want to focus on. These products are often fragrance-free and designed for sensitive skin, as men tend to shave their faces on a weekly basis.

Beard Oil

If a man wants to maintain his facial hair for the big day, beard oil is key. Any high quality beard oil is made with an essential oil like lavender and a carrier oil such as sweet almond. The oils work together to tag team your guy’s beard, ensuring that his facial hair is tamed, will smell great, be itch-free and that the skin underneath remains moisturized.

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Hair Products

You want your guy to feel comfortable and relaxed in the wedding photos and if he’s dealing with some hair loss issues this can be tough.  Male pattern baldness can be a sensitive subject for those dealing with it directly. Luckily, there are many solutions targeted specifically for men to help reverse this matter. Your man may use minoxidil, a topical treatment used to slow hair loss and aid in promoting hair growth. He could also supplement this with a multivitamin to help stimulate hair follicles to aid in re-growth.

Wax Strips

Whether it’s due to genetics or not, guys can be extremely hairy. This being said, your groom should keep some type of hair removal kit in their bathroom. Think manscaping, but with wax instead of a razor. Unibrows aren’t gender exclusive and waxing shouldn’t be either! It’s perfectly okay that your man wants to take care of his body and any stray hairs that might be on it and it’ll be one less hair you’ll see in pictures!

Teeth Whitening Products

According to USA Today, 71% of women judge a man based on his teeth and hopefully your groom has a great set of chompers. If he wants to keep them that way in the days leading up to the wedding, he may use whitening strips to achieve that smile in a timely fashion. Most strips whiten teeth at a rapid rate and cause no damage to teeth. It also doesn’t hurt to follow up with a whitening toothpaste or mouthwash in order to maintain that gleaming smile every woman loves.

With men’s self-care on the rise, it may no longer seem shocking to find that grooms too have a grooming routine.  After all, you want your photos to be stunning and to ensure this, you BOTH need to look your best. If your guy invests a little time in his look pre-wedding, it can make a world of difference on the big day!        

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