Cathartic Projects for the Creative Mind = Productive Workflow

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  

Pro tip: Find a healthy, creative outlet that has nothing to do with making money. Cathartic projects will help ease tension, reduce stress and inspire your work flow! 

I've been having some minor creative blocks recently. It happens and is part of the process. I decided to take action by finding some creative projects outside of my business so that I have a place where I can exercise my creativity, and rest my professional mind. My studio is filled with plants and muted tones, so I decided Macramé Plant Holders would be a simple, hands on project away from my computer, inbox and iphone. 

I'm practicing what I preach today and started a DIY Macrame Plant Hanger that I can go to when I need a pick me up!! Less coffee, more creative energy while calming the mind? Yes please!! Do you have any projects that you have been wanting to do but just "haven't had time?" (or haven'y made the time?). I encourage you to go for it, whatever it may be. 



Additional questions to ask yourself: 

What can I do to take a break, feel more relaxed and continue my workday without feeling so depleted? 
When I have creative blocks, what is my go to self care? How can I integrate healthier habits into my work days? 

Crank up an inspirational podcast of your favorite playlist and get into whatever it is you are doing/making/ creating...

And voila! Back to Your Desk with a clear mind, something pretty (or functional), a more productive day & a relaxing evening.