Week 1 - Tanzania --> Zanzibar

After flying for about 20 hours to Dar Es Salaam...I got off the plane to a crowded, humid airport that had very little structure. "I just want my bags to get here" I thought to myself. After retrieving them I looked up to find Nate front and center amidst a huge crowd of people waiting for me. On our way to the "Perfect Hotel" in Dar es Salaam, people lined the streets on carbboard mats, asleep amidst piles of trash and filth. We woke at 6 am to catch the ferry to Zanzibar...where locals poured us little cups of coffee outside of the terminal that were dipped in dirty water and re-used for the next coffee drinker...I was shocked at first and quickly realized how normal this level of cleanliness is here. We arrived at our amazing airbnb in the center of Stone Town that feels like home, and headed to the Farm (that Nate had been living on) to have a traditional Zanzibarian lunch and do some art projects with the girls. I snapped a few shots in between it all -- but expect to get much more enticing images not that I am rested and in the flow! Enjoy! (Click image to enlarge + scroll through)