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My name is Katie Rummel. I am a fine art wedding photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area (and beyond!).


I am committed to romance, vibrant health, community, laughter & adventure. Coffee in the morning & cooking in the evening make me happy. Surrounding myself with nature helps me stay grounded. Nurturing my relationships with the people that I love is how I keep my life abundant. Telling stories through photographs is what inspires me.

I specialize in unique, documentary photography that celebrates your wedding day through fine art portraiture and an artfully composed narrative of your love story.

At 13 years old, I started developing film in the darkroom during the day, and I painted in my "studio" at night (a.k.a. our family garage). It was through this artistic exploration at a such a young age, that helped me to understand my affinity for documenting beauty & tenderness. This is where the evolution of fine art wedding photography came into play. Over the past 11 years, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and learned that each wedding has its own timeless story. I truly believe that your day is unlike any other wedding day I will ever photograph. This form of art is a wild adventure. It allows my heart and my eyes to work together, capturing the most beautiful thing in the world; love.

I approach each wedding as it’s own unique entity. Providing a balance between candid photographs, naturally posed images, and elegant details is my formula for the perfect wedding collection. My father is a photographer, and once told me that photography was the art of observation. I have never let that saying go. With a keen eye, I watch for moments of intimacy, wit, and beauty. My goal is to capture the emotional experience, and the authenticity of each couple I work with. I quietly observe the connections and interactions between my clients, their friends, and their families. 

My client relationships are the foundation of my business. By making an honest connection, I am able to create honest, compelling photographs. I am light at heart, enthusiastic and I love to have fun! I am committed to making sure you are relaxed, at ease and fully able to be yourself. That is all you have to do, and that is when the magic happens!

Truly loving what I do results in a documentary story of your magical day. I'd love to learn more about you two, and your unique love story.


1. What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?

I love building a connection with my clients and artfully capturing one of the most important and memorable days of their lives. I love the emotional connection I experience with my clients and their families and take pride in my work. I started photographing weddings at a young age and after so much experience, I truly look at each wedding as it’s own unique entity.

2. Why do couples love working with you?

Couples love working with me because I help make them feel comfortable and at ease. They appreciate my fine art approach to wedding photography and the emotional connection I build with them leading up to their big day. My clients appreciate my light-hearted & kind yet professional approach. My client relationships are the foundation of my business. By making an honest connection, I am able to create honest photographs. True story!

3. How did you get started?

My father gifted my my first Canon AE-1 35mm film camera as a young girl. I started developing film at age 13. I was hooked on the darkroom and this new form of art that was introduced to me during some of my most developmental years. I’d always been a avid painter and artist, and photography allowed me to be creative without being so autonomous. My aunt is a wedding photographer and brought me along as a second photographer to a magnificent Guatemalan destination wedding when I was just 20 years old (2008). My first wedding had me hooked. I staged + assisted her for a summer at her studio & on location and launched my business the next summer at 22 years old in Santa Barbara (yes, I was a baby). Having grown up in Northern CA Wine Country, I made my way back to the Bay Area where my business flourished. I have been in business for almost 10 years and have built a strong foundation rooted in continuous education, community, perseverance and building meaningful client relationships.  

4. What 4 words best describe your wedding photography style?


5. What advice do you have for couples when it comes to engagement photos?

Wear clothing you feel good in! The more comfortable you are, them more natural and authentic the images will be :) Let’s work together to settle on gorgeous locations that you feel excited about.

6. What tips would you share with the couple to help the big day go smoothly?

Hire vendors that have great reviews and are communicative! I would also HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing a first look so that you can actually enjoy cocktail hour and your wedding day. I always make sure to create a romantic, sacred time for my couples to see each other for the first time. And the major benefit and getting all of the family + bridal party portraits done pre-ceremony so that everyone can enjoy the day! However, if that is not for you - we will work together to create a timeline that allows you to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of as well as time for all of the gorgeous images as the day unfolds.

7. What is the best moment you've had as a wedding photographer?

The “best moment” I have had as a wedding photographer doesn't exist. They happen at every, single wedding. That moment when my couples see each other for the first time and tear up, that moment when fathers hug their daughters hand her over the the groom to be married, that moment when my clients tell me that I helped make their day better than they could have ever imagined. That moment where the sun is going down peeking through the oak tree's as my couples hold each other in silence. There are countless touching, real moments I’ve stored safely in my memory throughout my career. When I was younger I thought being “too emotional” was a negative thing. Now I’ve realized that the way I feel things, helps the way I see and capture things through the lens in an authentic and truthful way.

8. Can you help guide us in the right direction for our engagement session? 

YES. Please see my blog post "6 tips for an epic + authentic engagement session" here and published on basic invite

9. Where have you been featured?

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