"My Success As A Photographer Is Not Only Measured Through The Quality Of My Work, But through The Connections With The People I Work With. 

client relationships are the foundation of my business. By making an honest connection, I am able to make honest, compelling photographs."


I am committed to vibrant health, family, romance, laughter and adventure. Coffee, dark chocolate and French cheeses make me happy. Practicing yoga and surrounding myself with nature keeps me grounded and present. Nurturing my relationships with people I love is what makes my life abundant. Telling stories through photographs inspires me.

My name is Katie Rummel, and I am a passionate fine art photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Born and raised in Sonoma County, I was surrounded with perpetual creative energy and support throughout my life. Having developed an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, I’ve been an aspiring artist since my adolescence. I discovered my fervor for the arts in the early 1990’s when I was drowned in awe by Monet’s Water Lily exhibit (I insisted on being Van Gogh for Halloween at age 9 to give you a better idea.). Ambitiously, I have been working as a public artist since then. My inspiration from iconic artists evolved into studying renowned photographers, (Diane Arbus, Man Ray, Annie Leibovitz and Dorthea Lange). Discovering my passion for photography came naturally as I realized I could take moments out of time, simply by holding them still.

My goal as a fine art photographer is to provoke feeling and capture emotion. Natural beauty, light and emotional connection is where my love for portraiture and fine art photography came into play. With a keen eye I watch for moments of intimacy, wit and beauty.  I am committed to truly embodying the sentiment and authenticity of each individual I work with, revealing their essence through my work. 

Natural beauty has been a consistent, and powerful muse for me as It can be found everywhere and in everything. I have always had an affinity for the art of documenting the unseen; it allows me to be constantly aware of the gorgeous nuances I encounter each day. 

Photography allows me to make the search for beauty and authenticity a personal daily practice. I believe that loving myself is the key to being able to capture the love within and between others. I will always count on e.e. cummings to help me stay aligned with my highest self: "once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals our human spirit."

My success as a photographer is not only measured through the quality of my work, but through the connections with the people I work with. My client relationships are the foundation of my business. By making an honest connection, I am able to make honest, compelling photographs. Although technical skills and creativity are absolutely necessary, my client relationships are equally important. With a professional and light-hearted approach, I am committed to helping my clients feel comfortable at ease. That is when the magic happens and when true visual story telling takes place.

I Believe In Love. I Am A Dreamer. Light Is One Of The Most Magical Things In The World, And Telling Stories Through Photographs Inspires Me.